Goals and Vision

The Neighborhood Solar Equity team aims to build solar that serves our communities at every turn. We envision a District of Columbia where both the energy produced by solar facilities and the profit generated by its production are put towards creating a more sustainable and equitable DC.

Goals of Solar

The goals of this NSE—Solar for All project are to:
  1. Provides an opportunity for renewable energy in the District of Columbia.
  2. Share the financial benefits of renewable energy with low-income D.C. residents, and raise awareness about solar, sustainability and energy conservation in the broader D.C. community.
  3. Maximize the financial impact of public dollars by using profits of a grant supported project to catalyze additional solar installations and community investments in D.C.
  4. Address the core barriers to deploying solar identified by the District of Columbia


Each of our Neighborhood Solar Equity installation strives to:

Repurpose vacant space

on roofs to create new active sustainable roofs

Reduce the carbon footprint

of Washington, DC

Empower and support

proactive community organizers

Catalyze future opportunities

for our neighbors and partner organizations

Provide a replicable, scalable model

for use in urban areas across the nation

Provide a return on investment

for our partners, investors, and grantors

Serve as building blocks

for equitable economic growth in communities

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