Every Neighborhood Solar Equity project aims to maximize the impact solar can have in our communities.

With the support of the DOEE Solar For All grant, for 15 years, the NSE—Solar For All project will share the financial benefits of solar energy with low-income residents and non-profits in DC.

This project demonstrates the far-reaching impact solar can have when the mission is community centered and the partners are mission driven.



Solar power produces electricity and Solar Renewable Energy Credits which create value. We share those streams with our host, our neighbors, and our nonprofit partners.


Solar power systems produce renewable energy, offsetting the need for fossil fuel energy. Creating renewable energy reduces our city’s carbon footprint and increases our community’s understanding of climate action and the potential for solar.


We’re using solar to make more winners. We share the energy produced and the money generated with our neighbors, our non-profit partners, and our host to expand the reach of renewable energy in DC. Our project provides opportunities for learning and engaging and inspires and uplifts other opportunities for community-centered solar in DC.