Sharing Our Solar

Sharing the Profits


For every $1 worth of energy produced, $1.50 is shared with DC residents. The NSE Solar for All project is using three vehicles to deliver those funds to our DC community:

Stability Support Stipend

Stability Support Stipend: The Stability Support Program is a direct beneficiary program that offsets a household’s Pepco bills and allows households to gain financial stability and build fiscal resilience through long-term budgeting and cost savings.

Direct Nonprofit Support

A portion of the profits will be shared with nonprofit partners providing transitional and short-term housing assistance for low-income residents in DC. This assistance can be used as needed by the nonprofit partner to achieve its mission of poverty alleviation, housing support, and other service provision to DC residents.

Emergency Assistance Fund

Emergency Assistance Fund: The Emergency Assistance Program is specifically intended to spare families facing immediate electricity shut-off. These are one-off, as-needed payments made directly to the utility provider. These funds will augment The Salvation Army’s existing Washington Area Fuel Fund.

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